Amazon Shopping - APK, Download


Amazon Shopping is the second official Amazon app. This allows you to search for items, compare prices, view reviews, and order from online shopping giants right from your Android device.

Amazon's shopping interface is designed entirely for touch devices, so users can access all items in Amazon's vast catalog within seconds. Using the text field, you can directly search for the names of everything from video games on a particular console to the exact mixer model and hardcover version of the 50-year-old book.

Today, Amazon Shopping is a large online mall with drop-down menus for categories such as computers, books, movies, families, and gardens. You can access each section with just two taps on the screen.

In terms of perks, Amazon Shopping offers the ability to buy items, tag items, and see what others have to say, just like the Amazon website.

Amazon Shopping is a great official app and does the Amazon store justice. Buying a movie, book, video game, or computer was very easy, convenient, and probably cheap.

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