APK Installer - Download for Android.


APK Installer is a very simple tool that allows us to install any APK file that we have in the memory of our Android terminal without any problem.

The APK installer searches for all APKs that are in our terminal's memory, either in the download folder or any directory on the terminal, and displays them in a convenient list of apps . In this list, just click on the name of the application to proceed with the installation.

Before installing an application, APK Installer provides us with certain information about APK. To start with, we can see if the app is already installed or not. We also see the size of the APK file and its version. Finally, we can also see the modification date of the APK.

APK Installer is a very simple tool that allows us to quickly and comfortably install any application we have from APK. In fact, APK Installer doesn't allow us to do something that we normally can't, but it does make it easier for us.

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