Avee Music Player Premium 1.2.94 - APK


Avee Player, is a lightweight and powerful music player, capable of playing all popular audio formats without any problem: MP3, AAC, OGG, WAV, FLAC ... Similarly, the application is able to read and save playlists in the following formats: pla, pls, mpcpl, plp, m3u, m3u8 Since thanks to this excellent music player we will be able to get very good benefits on our Android mobile device, because it is the best people who are completely unlocked so that you can use it without any type of error and totally to the maximum in any mobile just install it and that's it, that would be the totally version fully unlocked with all pro models to be able to get on our mobile.

The most interesting feature of Avee Player is, without a doubt, its small size. Weighing less than 5 MB, this will allow us to listen to all the music that we have stored in the terminal memory and even use a full equalizer tool because it is one of the best players you can find for any device with Android mobile or better than one of the best tools where we can get all the benefits fully unlocked, as a new equalizer, different kinds of effects that we can add to our music player, one of the best people you can find right now on your android mobile device without any kind of error, totally without maximum easy fast and free.

Other cool features of Avee Player include the ability to create a timer, to have the music turn off after a certain time, or to control the app via Bluetooth. We can also customize the audiovisualizers As we like with this great music player, we are going to make you get the totally super amazing benefits of our cell phone because it is one of the best versions that you can find directly on Android and thus can customize our equalizer totally to the maximum without any type error and is the best version totally Premium complete with all accessories totally unlocked definitely this super organized music player of the best for you to get it on android.

A lightweight music player with folder navigation, equalizer, song fade and video playback capability Most notable features include audio viewer and HD Video Although all viewers are largely customizable: color / shape / size / audio reaction / your own image and more parameters.We also have the possibility to directly customize this equalizer completely within each user and thus be able to achieve an excellent result in a short time since you can turn on the equalizer and you can get whatever you want without any problem for any android device This is one of the best people you can find right now in itAny fully complete Premium mobile device.

Special note on microphone authorization: While this app asks for microphone authorization, it does not access the microphone itself to listen to the audio from the device, but instead uses this permission to access global audio streaming at the software level. Used by native playback engine and currently kept only for compatibility reasons, So you don't have to worry about anything at all when turned on directly on the microphone because nothing bad will happen and automatically the app can detect when it is necessary to use our microphone from our device Android mobile because it is one of the best fast, stable and secure player on Android the fully premium version with all the license fully integrated into our music player without any errors and the best thing is that it is the very last version for android

Because thanks to this wonderful music player, we are going to be able to achieve great results with the equalizers and the best thing that we can also customize to the taste of each user is one of the best tools that can be in music players which simply with a little configuration you can directly get fast and secure totally unique customizations And so in order to be able to search for the best results of this application, try the free version that we are going to leave you next where you can get all the benefits of this music author saying for Android.


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