B612 - APK, download for Android.

B612 is a photography application specially designed for "selfies". This function allows us to apply dozens of filters to our images before sharing them on our favorite social networks.

In total, the B612 has over fifty different filters. Users can select any of these filters by sliding their finger across the bottom of the screen to see a small preview of the effect. Alternatively, you can just swipe left to right across the screen to display a new random filter.

With B612 we can not only apply filters but also create mosaics with our photos. We can go from a normal "selfie" to a composition of nine photographs through vertical compositions of two or three photographs.

Another photographic tool included in the B612 is the timer, which we can use to take “selfies” from a distance. or the 'Tilt Shift', with which we can play with the depth field of the image.

B612 is a very complete photography application which gives good results and has a convenient interface. In short, a great app for any user who wants to take a good selfie with its filters, effects and anything else you could want.

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