Brawl Stars - APK, download for Androd.


Brawl Stars is a real-time fighting game in which two teams of three characters have to compete against each other on a stage full of obstacles and elements with which we can interact. Our goal: to teach the opposing team a good lesson.

Controlling our character is very simple: just use the left virtual stick to move our hero while he attacks our enemies with the correct one. If we only press once, our character will attack the nearest enemy. And when we have reloaded our hero power, all we have to do is use the button provided for this purpose. Something essential to win.

In Brawl Stars we can find different game modes, in reward mode our goal is to finish the game with more stars than the opposing team. In other game modes, we have to fight for a series of crystals located in the central area of ​​the map or face other players directly in an epic "Deathmatch".

Brawl Stars is another surefire success of Supercell: a title perfectly designed for mobile devices, with perfect controls and a wide variety of characters and game modes. Plus, the graphics are excellent and the design of each one. . their heroes couldn't be more different.

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