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Clean Master (Cleaner) is a cleaning app with which we always have our Android terminal ready. Thanks to the various optimization tools it contains, we can empty the cache of our terminal or permanently delete the history of the mobile phone..

Among the different tools that we can find in Clean Master (Cleaner), there is the Task Killer which allows us to "kill" any unnecessary process that is running in the background and slows down our terminal. o Residual File Collector, which frees up the extra space left by certain applications when they are uninstalled.

Other interesting tools give us the possibility to delete the navigation of the terminal or the call history, as well as to manage or manage the applications installed in the memory of the terminal. In short, this gives us functionality very similar to the classic Windows "Uninstall or change a program" window.

Clean Master (Cleaner) is a very useful application to keep our terminal always clean and optimized. This will not only help us have more free space to store only the files we want to back up, but in general it will also allow us to have a faster and smoother device.


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