Craftsman - APK, download for Android.


Craftsman is a fun creation and survival game with mechanics very similar to Minecraft. This title not only mimics the gameplay, but also borrows its cube graphics feature.

The premise of the craftsman is very simple: we will begin our adventure on a desert island armed only with our hands. As we explore the island and collect materials, we need to develop increasingly complex tools that allow access to increasingly complex constructions.

Any player with original Minecraft experience will find the Craftsman mechanics truly accessible. We can control the movement of our protagonist thanks to the crossbar on the left of the user interface, while the buttons on the right of the screen allow us to jump or interact with the different elements of the scene. At the bottom of the screen is our inventory, from which we can craft anything we need to survive.

While Craftsman offers a very similar experience to the original Minecraft, it is much more limited. Even so, it is a good alternative for those who want to enjoy popular games for free.

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