Download Netflix Apk free for Android.


Netflix is ​​the official app for the streaming service of this popular TV and movie series, so you can watch all of your account content on your Android device. Of course, you need to create a user account and subscribe to this subscription plan.

Through the Netflix app, you can access all the content in the region. This includes all films, documentaries and course series. We find classic TV shows like Prison Break and IT Crowd; Netflix exclusive versions like Orange is New Black and Daredevil. Plus, all devices are fully synced, so you can drop a chapter in the middle of your TV and continue working on your Android device.

As always, you can share your opinion on each chapter or movie and assign a specific score. Additionally, Netflix makes recommendations based on our preferences, which you can definitely consider or abandon. The important thing is that you can put a lot of audiovisual material in your pocket and enjoy the original and dubbed versions with subtitles.

The official Netflix app is a great way to take your favorite movies and shows with you anywhere. Don't miss your house next season to watch your favorite series.

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