Hello, how about youtube friends, welcome once again to your tutorial channel where we provide practical solutions to everyday problems. On this occasion we have a very useful, quite sought after video in which we observed that many people are looking for information in various channels on Google web pages in different ways, they are looking for a tutorial like this. There are several tutorials, even on the same youtube. There are other channels that offer similar tutorials, but the problem is that they have already outdated information, outdated information and in terms of technology and applications, you better always have

The versions just out of the oven this time we will tell you how to download WhatsApp plus how to download and install WhatsApp plus for people who do not know that a normal WhatsApp supplement that has more advanced functions is produced, what kind of functions may ask yourself so as not to go into too much detail, i will just mention that you have additional options such as being able to see which contacts are online or not even if they have these privacy settings, say changed , you can also see the status of WhatsApp, i.e.
WhatsApp history of people who put them and then deleted them, even if they delete them, you will be able to continue to see it for a while the same as people who send a message and then delete it and you get that message this post It was deleted, you can also see the post they deleted because you can see a very useful app, a lot of people use it, in fact I dare say whatsapp plus is almost as used as the joker normal since it has these new very practical functions, it should be mentioned that the whatsapp plus is not in the play store or waste time looking for it because you will not find it because because whatsapp plus is not there

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