Epic Games - APK, download for Android.


Epic Games (formerly known as Fortnite Installer) is an application which, as the name suggests, allows us to install Fortnite on our mobile device. An official tool from Epic Games that will allow you to download the most famous Battle Royale.

Using Epic Games couldn't be easier because once we open the app we will see a button that we can use to check if we can download the game or not. This data download begins when we have a model that is compatible with Fortnite. If our device does not meet the required requirements, the button will turn gray to indicate that our model is currently not supported.

This app not only allows us to download the game from Epic Games, but also shows us some useful information about the development status of the Android version. Thus, we can see the minimum requirements as well as which models are compatible with the game.

Epic Games is a very useful tool to download Fortnite on our Android device. A very simple application to enjoy the Fortnite phenomenon on our smartphone.


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