ES File Explorer apk, download.

ES File Explorer is a useful tool for managing files and applications that offers a number of additional functions such as deleting running tasks and direct cloud storage (via Dropbox, Google Drive or Skydrive), the FTP client that you can both use. via a terminal as well as via a PC.

With the application, any Android user can easily manage all the resources, access any element of their terminal and share it if they wish: upload photos, watch videos or manage the device's 3G connection. . The phone is easier now.

When we work with our files, we have the classic options that we are used to on desktops, such as copy, paste, cut, create, delete, or rename. But we can also send to any friend by email.

Likewise, we can decompress files in ZIP or RAR format, access the content of documents in a multitude of different formats and even access the content of our computer via a WiFi network (after configuration).

ES File Explorer (ES File Explorer in Spanish) is a very useful tool for Android users with relatively advanced knowledge of what's going on in the guts of their terminal as it gives them a lot of interesting options.

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