Firefox - APK, download for Android.


Firefox, one of the most important browsers of the moment along with Google Chrome, is also available for Android devices. Its list of pros and cons, unsurprisingly, is long enough to take them into account when choosing a default browser for our mobile phone or tablet.

The first interesting feature of the program is that it will allow us to access our history, favorites, passwords and even open tabs on the desktop browser, simply by doing a few gestures on the screen of our Android terminal. Of course, to synchronize it with the desktop browser, we will first have to identify ourselves.

The second is that, like its version for desktop operating systems, this Firefox browser for Android has many customization options. Users will be able to add different extensions, change the overall look and ultimately leave it to their liking.

And the third feature that deserves to be mentioned is, how could it be otherwise, the adaptation of the famous keyboard shortcuts to the touch system of the phone. We can, for example, add a website to your favorites by simply moving the phone to the side.

Firefox Browser for Android is an excellent browser that has everything one could ask for from an application of this type: fast browsing, a perfectly functional tab system, many different configuration options and a lot of security.

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