Free Fire: How to get free diamonds? 100% work 2021

Hello, in this part of the blog I want to tell you how you can get diamonds for free fire, it is a 100% legal way, in which you can earn money to top up diamonds in open fire. It is an application on which we will detail more information below.

Having diamonds in your Free Fire account gives you certain privileges that not everyone can enjoy, because with them you can acquire characters, improve your skills, buy the elite pass among many other items available in the store.

To start recharging your diamonds we want to recommend you an app where you can earn a good amount of diamonds per day, the app we are going to talk about is 100% legal and you can

👉🏻 download from play store from here.

Kwai is an application by Kuaishou Technology, which is designed for users to create and share short videos, its interface is very similar to that of TIC Tac, only in this you can earn money just by watching videos.

Now all you have to do is log in every day and claim points, and to earn more money you can watch videos for at least 3 minutes a day.

Another very important point is that you can earn more money through referrals, you just need to share your invite link.

The money generated can be withdrawn through a bank account, but if in your case you don't have it, don't worry since you can top up your mobile, and use it in diamonds to draw for free thanks to mobile billing. of your company.

Since its inception, the great popularity of this video game has sparked a lot of discussion on the internet about how to get free diamonds. So, we can end up with a lot of false or unreliable information, as well as some really valuable methods which will be very useful.

One of the most popular methods has been the use of apps, which with different dynamics will allow us to generate income from our mobile device, which we will use to get diamonds with little effort. With the apps that I will present to you below, you will no longer pay for diamonds in Free Fire.

BetSim is a mobile application whose dynamic consists in simulating sports betting on various fields such as basketball, football, rugby, tennis ... among others. Like he says, these are simulations, which means we will never be betting with real money. The application is completely free and for the moment it is only available on the Android operating system.

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