Game Guardian - APK, download.

GameGuardian is an application that modifies the content of Android video games to obtain benefits and enhancements "illegally". Its operation is based on inserting code into an ongoing process and quickly changing the required parameters.

With GameGuardian installed, you can run the app in the background with a translucent icon that will always appear on the screen. When you run the game, you can open the app and select the relevant app process that you want to change. For example, if you have a certain number of lives in a particular game, you can search for that number in GameGuardian's built-in hex editor and change that number to something else that interests you.

Another feature of GameGuardian is that you can change the app's internal clock and the terminal itself to instantly update video games that take time to build a building or recover energy. You can increase or decrease the elapsed time by tapping and holding the float icon with your finger.

It goes without saying that most of the apps are aimed at scams. If the developer of the operating application detects fraud, you risk losing your account.

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