Game Plan Technology

When you’re working with your mind instead of your hands you need to slow down, sit back, close your eyes and develop a little game plan technology.

You get up in the morning, dress, eat, and go to work for your employer. You work with diligence, giving him and your work your full attention, spending eight hours a day on the job, making sure you earn your wages.

Do not think for one minute that you can quit your job, take a few lessons on web building, then begin working on the Internet a few hours a day and make a living, because it is just not going to happen. All you will do with a piss-poor attitude and poor work ethic is make it rougher on those who treat this as a real Job.

Your eyes pop open and you’re up and moving, finally, you know what you have been doing wrong. Running on automatic, taking that one more step, sometimes not even caring which direction it was in, just so you’re in that forward direction!

Now, I’m not saying that is wrong, sometimes it’s the only way to get out of a slump. Just that it will not work with out direction applied. Up here you have to develop a game plan, and then stick to it, developing each step as you go.

You will read advertisements and e-mails. You can Steal this from them, or spy on them, or swipe their method, duplicate what you find, and get rich quick. Maybe five years ago that would have worked. It does not apply today.

You could blueprint their site, set it up exactly like they have theirs set up, get a domain name as close as possible to theirs, and I would be willing to bet, in ninety days you would be poorer than you are today.

Browsers are not going to send you their traffic, and with out the customers there are no sales. They have been doing this for a long time and here is a surprise – Google and Yahoo play favorites.

Here is my game plan technology:

1. (Steal) Research their product choices.
2. (Spy) Memorize the way they present and develop their products.
3. (Swipe) Utilize their intention to the fullest in the development of your site.
4. (Duplicate) Take what you have learned from them, add to it your own styles, your own desires, your own sweat.
5. (Get rich) in time enjoy your success.

Once you have investigated your product and preformed diligent keyword research, pick the perfect domain name, purchase your hosting site, and then build the magical web site.

Write a winning sales page, deploy your squeeze page, employ an auto responder, acquire or write and publish ten exciting keyword rich articles of 300-500 words, publish to YouTube and star in five videos. Do five audio tracks. Write and leak to the press three press releases, pass out 1,000 business cards, and utilize ads in offline newspapers and magazines.