Google App -APK, Download.

Google is an application that allows us to search the Internet in the most comfortable and fastest way from an Android terminal. It's as easy to use as saying what you want to look for in the microphone, selecting a photo from our terminal or simply writing the name of the photo to search for in the text box.

Among the silent functions offered by Google for Android, we find the personalization of the results according to our position. In this way, the app automatically recognizes where we are in the world and provides us with the information that would normally interest us the most.

For example, when we search for “weather” or “museums of interest,” Google first shows us the results for the city we are in. Of course, we can also tell you that you shouldn't receive a normal hitlist.

Google is one of those apps that shouldn't be missing on any Android device. All you want to search is just a touch on the screen.

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