Google Drive - APK, download.

Google Drive is the official application of the service of the same name, with which we can access our Google virtual hard drive in the cloud from any Android terminal, as long as we have a stable internet connection.

The app's interface, which has been redesigned and adapted to gesture controls, gives us the ability to easily access our remote storage and files that other users have shared with us. Similarly, we can access some files that we can access without an internet connection (which we need to download first).

The File Explorer itself can map and read a variety of file formats. In addition to text documents, spreadsheets and presentations compatible with Google Docs, we can also preview images, PDF documents or audio files.

Google Drive's basic storage space is 15 GB, more than enough to store documents, pictures, and sometimes videos. However, we can always pay a small fee if we need additional space. In addition, this storage is shared with other commercial services such as Google Photos. There is also the possibility to save our multimedia contents without any limitation of storage space.

Google Drive is a particularly useful cloud storage tool due to its integration with other Google programs and applications. This is especially useful on Android, where everything is useful when working with Drive.

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