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Google Maps is the main map and geolocation service that we can currently use on our Android device. It offers great help when moving to unfamiliar places and thanks to the number of levels it discovers all kinds of additional information about our environment which contains additional information. All this is possible thanks to the GPS system that prevails in most modern Android devices, which allows us to know exactly where we are at all times.

Google Maps works with Wi-Fi and mobile networks and can also download map information locally when we don't have internet access. Based on the numbers, the app contains information and maps for more than 200 different countries, public transport addresses for more than 15,000 cities, and detailed information for more than 100 million locations. All these numbers are constantly increasing thanks to the work of the community. To be able to rate and add more information from anywhere we know.

Among the options included in Google Maps we find the possibility of choosing a destination and following the shortest route to reach it by different means of transport. For example, we can ask the app to find the fastest route by public transport. If you prefer, you can also indicate that you want to walk. In fact, we can also use it directly as a navigation system while driving and get real-time visualizations of the way forward.

Google Maps is a must have app for any Android user who likes to travel ... or just get out there, because it is virtually impossible to get lost. The only problem is that once we get used to it, we won't understand how we could live without it.

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