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Google News (formerly Google Play Kiosk) is the application for Android devices developed by Google, which aims to replace the "old" Google Currents.

With Google News, we can know the news that interests us most from a single app. We can enjoy the latest news and in-depth articles with audio, video and more. The best free news about sports, cooking, entertainment or tech is published in one place.

The app has hundreds of top editors that are easy to follow, read, and share. We can use the Read Now feature to find other articles that interest us and discover others that may interest us along the way.

We can also enjoy unlimited news, issues or magazines offline without wasting pages. Likewise, we can add news articles to favorites for later reading without having to be connected to the internet.

Google News collects all the subscriptions we previously had for Google Currents and Google Play Magazines. Thanks to this, we can always be informed, by the means we want and on the subjects we want.

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