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Google Play Games is Google's video game social network which in a way bridges a gap very similar to Apple's famous Game Center and provides a common meeting point for all video games using the operating system. Android.

With Google Play Games, gamers can discover new video games that interest them. You can easily play with friends, participate in multiplayer games, and even track achievements unlocked in each game. Based on the achievements we have achieved, we will increase our player level (a kind of gamertag).

The Google Play Games user interface fits in perfectly with the overall style of the rest of the Google apps and has all the features we might need at a glance. Our profile, that of our friends, people we know, most downloaded games, top rated games, etc. We will have everything at hand.

Google Play Games is a great tool for video game fans who want to continue enjoying it on their Android device. Thanks to this, we can not only share our digital “achievements” with other players, but also compete online against players from all over the world.

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