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Google Translate is the official Google translation app that allows us to translate between dozens of different languages, including the main combinations: English-Spanish, Spanish-English, English-French, English-German, English-Chinese, etc. .

Like the web app, we can translate into more than fifty different languages ​​through this official Android app. In addition, we can even listen to the pronunciation of the translations, which is especially useful when traveling around the world.

With other interesting functions of Google Translate, we can use the camera of the Android terminal to do our translations. All you have to do is focus our camera on the text you want to translate, select the language and, as if by magic, see the translation on the screen.

Another interesting option of Google Translate gives us the possibility to import a photo from our Android terminal and translate it. Thanks to this function, we can translate any document that we have in the memory of our terminal in JPG or PNG format.

Google Translate is one of those almost must-have apps for any mobile phone or tablet that will no longer resist text. English, French, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian ... however we can translate it without problem.

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