How do I get a free Elite pass in Free Fire?

With these methods, you can get a free elite pass in Free Fire this year. Apply these tips and you will see how in no time you will have the benefits of the battle pass. "

Each month Free fire amazes his players with a new elite pass, once you have obtained the precious battle pass, you will have the opportunity to claim various items of vital importance to the game, among them: boxes of weapons, diamonds, tickets for the lucky wheel, skins for the table, a bag, and some male and female skins.

The only downside is that the the elite pass is not free at all, it costs about 1200 diamonds and not all players can afford this amount of diamonds. Therefore, in this article you will learn how to how to earn free diamonds and thus buy this precious battle pass.

Get your free Elite pass in updated Free Fire

As mentioned above, to take advantage of the Elite Pass it is necessary to have at least 1200 Diamonds in your wallet, but by following each of these tips, you will be able to collect this amount of coins without having to spend a single penny.

Platforms like YouTube and BOOYAH!

The community of YouTubers specializing in Free Fire Universe is gigantic, and not only that, but also the new Free Fire platform known as BOOYAH! has highly professional content creators.

They receive from Garena some Special gadgets, diamond codes and battle passes to organize raffles for your loyal fans. To be one of the lucky creditors, all you have to do is register and follow each of the instructions of the draw.

Third-party applications

Another way to get the diamonds for the elite pass without spending money uses applications focused on money generation thanks to simple and fast tasks. While we know apps like these abound, below you will see the most popular.


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