Link2SD - APK, Download

Link2SD is a file management tool for Android that allows you to easily edit files both in the terminal memory and on the inserted SD card.

Link2SD has a host of features, including deleting APK files from the device, auto-linking new apps, moving apps to SD cards, and default settings for new apps. There is a function to select the installation directory. The application to install.

Other cool features are the ability to uninstall, move or reinstall apps in the group. In some cases, this can save a lot of time. You'll be notified when you install a mobile app, convert a user app to a system app (and vice versa), or embed an updated system app into a custom ROM.

Link2SD is a very complete app with great features for users who just want to move the app from one side of the device to another and for users who want to have full control of the inside of the device Android.

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