MediaFire - APK, Download

MediaFire is the official Android application of the e-storage service of the same name that allows users to easily log into their account and use many other functions from their mobile phones.

As usual, a user account is required to use the app. We have 50GB of free storage that you can use as you like to download any type of file you want, whether it's pictures, videos, or sounds.

Likewise, we have the possibility to access all this content directly from our account without having to download it. See images or videos, listen to songs, edit text files ... we can do all of this without downloading anything.

The MediaFire app also allows us to create and manage multiple folders, so storing all of our information is a more convenient task. In addition, we can share any material we want by email or on social media.

MediaFire is a very interesting application for users of this online storage service, as it allows more comfortable and better management of all their documents.

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