Microsoft Excel for Android - APK, Download

Microsoft Excel Preview is the official Microsoft Excel application for Android terminals that allows us to view, edit and create spreadsheets from our tablet with the Android operating system. It is important to be clear on this point: Microsoft Excel Preview is only compatible with tablets.

Microsoft Excel preview users can open tables saved in their account, create new tables and of course edit any file in Excel format. Plus, we can always continue working exactly where we left off, because Microsoft Excel Preview recognizes which table received the last change, no matter what device we were working on. And with Microsoft Excel Preview, we can sync all of our spreadsheets, both in our Microsoft account and in other alternative services like Dropbox. Thanks to this, we will never have to fear that with a little work we will lose our progress.

Microsoft Excel Preview is a great app for working with spreadsheets that has everything you could want in an official app.

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