Microsoft Office - APK, download for Android.


Microsoft Office is a tool for Android devices that allows you to create, view, and edit Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint documents. It can process documents stored locally on the device, as well as documents stored in the cloud.

After opening the application for the first time, you can see all the functions of Microsoft Office. You can create or scan any of the above document types, but you can also perform actions such as: These include converting or signing PDF documents, scanning text files, creating sticky notes and file transfer. All of these functions are just a double tap.

Thanks to the always-on Internet connection, you can access all your documents with Microsoft Office anytime, anywhere. Plus, you can apply changes directly to the cloud and continue the work you have done at home and in front of your computer. All the included tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) also have all the functions of the desktop version so that you can work in the most comfortable way.

Microsoft Office is a very useful application for regular users of these types of Office applications. Thanks to this, you can have it all in one app, perfectly positioned and with many additional functions at all times.


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