Microsoft Outlook - APK, Download

Microsoft Outlook is the official client of the popular Microsoft email client for Android, which allows you to manage your email account conveniently.

Like almost all such apps, Microsoft Outlook offers pop-up notifications (which can be turned off) whenever you receive an email, sync your device's calendar and contacts, and view and sync directories. it is included. In fact, you can easily filter the incoming emails using directories.

Also, you can use Microsoft Outlook to sync multiple email accounts on your Android device and activate them at the same time. Of course, when composing an email, you can select the email, attach a file, or whatever you can do from the desktop version of the program.

Microsoft Outlook is a very useful email management tool which is very useful for desktop version users. In short, it's a (more or less) interesting alternative to Gmail, the undisputed champion of Android email managers.

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