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Welcome back to endless tips where we always have the solution to your problems, this time we have a very good article due to the application of the application we are going to talk about, this is the famous Whatsapp plus, an alternative to the application that we all know but which in this version presents a series of very useful characteristics for the user and of which we will give you some technical details, before doing so let us tell you that we will leave the app download link in this article for you to take advantage of this recommendation.

This version of WhatsApp It is worth noting that it is identical to the original version that we all know but has additional features such as the ability to freeze the time of the last login, we can also configure our privacy details, that is -to say that we can manage if we want it in conversations with our contacts It is displayed whether we have already read the messages or not, we can also configure the option not to display if we are online and in the same way see who is online at that time without our contacts realizing that we are online.

The app is up to date and whenever a new update comes out it will perform the process completely automatically so that you shouldn't have any issues, it has a 50 MB in actual size So it's really worth having it on our devices for all the benefits it offers us and the few resources it consumes.
Another of additional options What this app offers is that we can see the states that our contacts have deleted or the states that have already disappeared after 24 hours, these will be stored in a folder in our gallery and will be saved even if they have been deleted by their owners, in the same way. In this way, we will be able to put states of greater duration in terms of time and duration.

Downloading the app is completely free and the installation is very easy as it is the normal process that we all do when install whatsapp with our phone number, in addition to that there are other functions available in this version and that is that we can see the messages that they send to us and that their senders have decided to delete, in terms of privacy and storage for sent and received files is one of the best recommendations we can find and this time we are leaving it completely free for you to enjoy.

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