Nova Launcher - APK, Download


Nova Launcher is a powerful and elegant launcher that allows us to customize the appearance of our home screen, icons or folders.

One of the most striking and differentiating things about this Nova Launcher is its impressive visual appearance, which tries to leave us speechless with virtually any action we can perform with it. If you just slide your finger across the screen to change the desktop, you'll see an elaborate three-dimensional transition.

Besides the aesthetic elements, Nova Launcher offers many configuration options for touch gestures. In fact, we can even configure shortcuts for the Android terminal jar ... although some of these options are only available for the paid version.

In addition, we have enough customization options with the icons of the different desktops of the Android terminal and we can make a backup copy of our configurations to easily import them to any other terminal. In other words, if we like the style of our mobile phone, we can carry it as is on our Android tablet.

Nova Launcher is a launcher that combines elegance and versatility to provide a different home screen full of possibilities. A real treat for fans of customization on Android.

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