Piano Tiles 2 - APK, Download.

Piano Tiles 2 is a rhythm game in which we will have to try to play some of the most famous songs in the world with a piano keyboard on the screen of our Android terminal. The problem? The piano keys move at full speed!

The mechanics of this second piano piece are practically identical to those of the first. A series of piano keys scrolls the terminal screen at full speed which we have to press correctly to continue playing. If we press the right keys, we can continue playing and listening to the selected song. But the slightest mistake and we will have to stop.

In the music selection of the game we find only world famous songs, mainly classical music. Various sonatas and symphonies by Mozart, some movements by Chopin or Bach and of course other songs like Jingle Bells or Canon by Pachelbel.

Piano Tiles 2 is the direct sequel to Don't Tap the White Tile, one of the most successful rhythm games for Android. And it offers a gaming experience that is at least as good as its predecessor.

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