Pluto TV - APK, Download

If you typically log into a large number of websites to consume a certain type of content, Pluto TV is an app to consider. Inside, you'll find dozens of premium channels that stream content 24 hours a day. Whatever you are looking for, this tool has a channel for you.

The interface of this utility is very simple as it has a single window where all movements can be performed. At the top of the screen, you can see the video currently playing, and at the bottom, you can see the list of channels available for the platform, sorted by category. Each of them usually has dozens of options, which is why Pluto TV has hundreds and hundreds of channels to help you create a TV that's right for you.

Search channels to find out what they have to offer so you always know what to watch. Since the content on Pluto TV is from YouTube, some videos are linked all the time, so there is never a break except between shows when a new show ends and starts.

Unlike the desktop and web versions, the Android version of Pluto TV does not allow you to browse the video you are watching or record a specific show. However, you will have access to the same channels as the other two.

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