Pou - APK, download for Android.

Pou, one of the most successful apps on Google Play with millions of downloads, puts the gamer in the shoes of a little alien's keeper in the form of ... shit you have to spoil to grow. thrives and can be happy.

The concept of the game is very similar to the classic "Tamagotchis" which became fashionable around the turn of the century. In other words, we have to feed our pet, play with it for fun, clean it to keep it healthy, and ultimately give it the care it needs.

While we are doing all of this Pou will grow taller and best of all the app will reward us with different things like hats, clothes or wallpapers for our little pet. In this way, we are always encouraged to continue to take care of it.

However, the best thing about Pou is that you can communicate with other app users. In other words, thanks to the Internet, we can visit other friends and acquaintances for other types of rewards.

Pou is a very popular fun app for one reason: its amazing addiction. Once we start dealing with this smiling little shit, we won't be able to stop without feeling like we are giving up. I wouldn't do that.

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