Repelis Apk 4.1 Full Download, Android, Spanish

That cinema is very expensive is one of the smallest truths about the current Spanish scene. We don't like paying to watch TV, movies and series ... either. RepelisPlus for Android is the mobile app version of the website of the same name for watching movies, series and anime on your portable device.

Each element of this application is accompanied by a complete file of the film or series in question: rating, summary, images, equipment ... you can mark the films as favorites for quick access when you want to enjoy new ones and also easy to share with the your friends via social networks. In addition, a very complete and detailed menu guides us through the available content.

Once we are in a particular film or chapter of a series, we will see the options available to view the article, in Latin, in Spanish, with subtitles ... We can download the content or transmit it in line via the RepelisPlus or OpenLoad links. We can also choose video quality if more options are available. And being able to go back ten minutes is very nice. You will forget about Chromecast and Smart TV. With RepelisPlus it is much easier to watch Game of Thrones or La Casa de Papel.

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