Samsung Internet Browser - APK, Download


Samsung Internet Browser is the official browser of Samsung and offers a secure, private and fully optimized browsing experience for Android devices. Officially optimized for Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus devices only, it works great on almost any device running Android 5.0 or later.

If you are using Samsung's internet browser, the first thing to note is that there are several extensions that you can enable. For example, you can use a "content blocker" to remove the most annoying ads from your web pages. The video assistant can help you play your videos more fluently.

Other features of Samsung's internet browser include the ability to easily switch search engine and switch Google to DuckDuckGo. You can also benefit from what is called "Amazon Shopping Assistant". This way you can automatically compare the prices of Amazon products and always get the best price.

Samsung Internet Browser is an excellent Internet browser that offers a clean and elegant user interface, many functions and an impeccable level of security. A really cool alternative to the king of Android navigation.

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