Simple Gallery Pro v6.18.1 for Android APK

Mod Simple Gallery Pro is a photography application with which you can manage a gallery of high quality images and videos, with hundreds of options and support for all kinds of formats, as the name suggests. It is a tool where you will have a professional gallery to manage your media content, be it photos, videos, files and other very important things the number of options and things you can do with this simple and amazing app Photos, videos, music and more Similar media always have a lot of space in memory Physics devices, especially photography enthusiasts, often complain of running out of memory. For this reason, they will find apps that help them organize memory, organize and clean media folders, and expand device memory.

Simple Pro Gallery is an application where we will be able to manage all our files, which we have from the photos we took recently we also have the other option which we can hide both videos and photos, that we have in our gallery It is a totally professional tool for any Android mobile device, it is an application that replaces the default collection of the device and also comes with an advanced set of settings, which sets it apart from the user's default collection. It also has perfect security features and will help users to have the best user experience in managing media on the device.

Simple Pro Gallery in its new most recent update for any cell phone with Android mobile, because with it it has different options that we can use, this great tool and the best of this application are fully available in two versions, the free version and the version of I pay but we will quit the paid version for free A SIMPLE AND DISTINCTIVE USER INTERFACE Simple Gallery is a trusted application to help users organize their photos in the right order, even helping users easily find photos in a complicated mess.

Simple Pro Gallery and updated by the study of simple mobile at the date of 2020, currently this version is the latest and support Android 5.0 now a break for the whole family a score of 4.8 on Google Play, and you will be able to download the app and data totally free here on this favorite webpage for your android device. User can customize the main color scheme of the interface, and will have multiple scroll bars placed around the screen for users to navigate to different categories. Of course, users will also be supported by many attractive and advanced features just for the best user experience through Simple Gallery interface.

We can say Simple Gallery Pro full is a highly customizable gallery capable of displaying various types of files, such as pictures and videos, even other files, which you do not have in the internal memory of panoramic photos and videos fingerprint authorization necessary to block the visibility of hidden elements, entire application or protect files to avoid deletion There are many frustrating and uncomfortable things in your device's default collection when organizing photos or videos. Therefore, Simple Gallery will become a perfect alternative collection for users. Its main feature is that it allows users to organize all their media files freely.

Totally bored of always having the same gallery that comes by default on your Android mobile device, well this time I come to share with you, in a wonderful app and a great tool to be able to protect your photo video until you can get back everything that was totally deleted, This is totally premium gallery pro for all android with all the features unlocked such as move, rename, create folders, albums and more. With a few simple steps, users were able to create separate image folders, name them, organize them, and even navigate out of order via the interface's scroll bar.


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