Snapchat APK, Download for Android.

Snapchat is an application that allows us to communicate with our friends only through Pictures that they can see for a few seconds before disappearing forever, leaving no trace on their phone or their Phone.

The application is very easy to use: take a photo, add text to the image if you wish, choose the time the recipient can see the image, and send it to the friend in question . So easy.

In order for the image receptor to consider it as a security measure, the application must also be installed on your terminal. If he finds out your name, we will also receive a notification that he did so so that we can verify who owns the images we send and who does not.

As you might have guessed, one of Snapchat's main goals is to send high-risk photos to highly selected contacts. Why Epo, because this way the recipient can see the photo in question, but there will be no trace of the photo. And if you save the image, we'll find out.

Snapchat is a very useful application for communicating with our friends quickly, easily and visually. So why send so much text when you can tell with just one photo?

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