Sonic Dash - APK, Download


Sonic Dash is a platform game with Sonic, an enthusiastic experience that uses a mechanic very similar to the classic "Temple Run" and requires very good reflexes to really get far. Provide.

This game contains all the traditional elements of the Sonic: The Hedgehog franchise. B. A scenario known to all Saga fans. A power-up that offers a variety of abilities. And to the character we find the tail and the ankle.

Thanks to the online leaderboard, SonicDash offers the possibility to challenge your friends on the Internet. All we have to do is play as usual, set a record and send it to a friend to beat it. If they are successful, they will beat us. If they fail, we win.

Graphically, Sonic Dash is a spectacular game with exquisite character models and detailed environments, in addition to the very colorful aesthetic of a franchise. In addition, it moves very smoothly on powerful terminals.

Sonic Dash is a different platform game than what Sonic knows, but it's just as good. One of the best of the endless runner genre.

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