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Subway Surfers is a platform game where you have to escape from the police through a dangerous station where trains run continuously at full speed. Endless hallway with colorful visual style where the game ends if we collide and the police surprise us. But nothing happens: with a simple click on the screen, we will resume work on an exciting new game.

Unlike other classics of the genre, in Subway Surfers we will not use the accelerometer to control our character, but we have three ways to move our protagonist by moving our finger on the screen. We will also jump and roll on the ground to avoid obstacles by moving vertically. The most interesting ability in the game appears when you double-tap the screen: we ride our skateboard for a limited time, during which we can get a hit without being defeated.

Not only do we have to run to the end, but our adventures with subway surfers consist of collecting coins and completing missions to keep increasing our score. To expand these games we will use the different power-ups that are scattered around the stage and they will help us in different ways: jump higher, fly in the sky at high speed or automatically collect coins from each path.

Thanks to the coins we collect, we can also unlock new items, characters and skateboards with different abilities. Power-ups in the game improve your conditions by investing coins in them. So we must try to collect them by avoiding obstacles.

Subway Surfers is a very fun game thanks to its simplicity that will keep us trapped on the screen for hours. A constantly updated title where we can try to beat the records of our friends which is available on the Internet.

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