Telegram - APK, Download

Telegram is an instant messaging app with which we can communicate with all our contacts in a comfortable and simple way, like with similar apps like Viber, WhatsApp or LINE. The main difference with Telegram is that it offers maximum privacy.

Telegram's security options extend to the ability to create private chats with other users who have fully encrypted conversations that are not stored or recorded on Telegram's servers. In addition, we can activate the option to "self-destruct" conversations so that our messages disappear at any time.

In addition to this functionality, Telegram offers virtually the same functionality as any other instant messaging system: group calls, ability to share videos and photos on location, personalized notifications, etc.

Telegram is an instant messaging tool that also has a lot of aesthetic similarities to WhatsApp. However, unlike that, it offers additional privacy options which can make it much more useful. Don't want your conversations with a specific contact to be recorded? Well, let them self-destruct in ten seconds and voila!

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