Temple Run - APK, Download

Temple Run is an action platformer game that belongs to the Endless Runner sub-genre and you have to overcome all the obstacles you come across along the way, but there are many.

Unlike other similar games where control is limited to jumping from a two-dimensional perspective to avoid obstacles, Temple Run requires a lot of gestures. Swipe the screen to point to the character in the corner, swipe your Android device left or right to move it left or right, swipe up to jump and down to push it towards floor.

You need to collect as many coins as possible while going around all the obstacles like holes in the ground, branches and fire traps. This is particularly important. Indeed, you can use them to buy many upgrades for your character, such as: B. Magic, special abilities, new characters and other surprises.

The graphics area of ​​the game is well filled with some very successful 3D models and textures which are generally very successful. The design isn't bad either, which makes the screen easy to see.

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