Once again on your screens with a new list of your favorite hobbies. If you are looking for the perfect game to have fun with your friends then you have come to the right place, this time we bring you the best co-op games you must try with your friends part 2!

Today, one of the most important features in the world of players is the ability to pass a full story or various missions in multiplayer and cooperative mode, where with the help of more people it will be easier and more fun. . This top is for players who prefer to have fun in a group with a list of well cataloged titles that will complete their stories!

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Sea of ​​Thieves

A first person action adventure game with cartoon graphics and pirates, be the captain of your own crew of up to four comrades, accept missions and enter the ocean in search of nautical battles, treasures, secrets, maps and even sea monsters that you won't find in other titles. Although at launch the lack of options and content made Sea of ​​Thieves early access, today it is advisable to jump into their ranks, a vast exploration awaits you where every island you you visit becomes a complete adventure, an open world with a lot to do and discover, knowing that every ship you cross carries enemies who control their ship with a command like you.

Don't starve together

Indie, survival and open world, that's what it offers us Don't Starve Together, a minimalist design, without great graphic effects, but unique, enter an open world randomly generated for you and your friends where survival will be the goal to achieve while you spend hours on this game, a title stimulating that no mortal could endure, the main objective is to take care of you, and well of your party if necessary, only with what the vast land in which you find yourself can deliver to you, craft items and weapons to hunt and survive, take care of the darkness and the evils it brings, simple mechanics, but that must be managed well because at least we neglect we lose everything, it's true, a title that saves the best of games from current survival with unique decor.


If you are looking for something calmer, an outing is your thing, a story whose main requirement is cooperative, that's right, you won't be able to play this title without a partner, whether online or sitting next to it. you. It tells the story of two men who, for reasons that you must discover for yourself, know each other neither more nor less than in prison, where working together and with a good plan in between, their clear objective is to escape, whether they succeed or not, that will be up to you to describe. Don't expect complicated mechanics, since virtually the story is explained in cutscenes that you'll take control of on important occasions with your partner cooperating with each other to achieve the great escape. A story worth witnessing and in which you will undoubtedly feel part of it.

The saga of the Trines

Although it already has its years, until today it is a great option to skip each of its titles, Trine 1, 2 and 3 is an independent side-scrolling experience that gives you the opportunity to play with 3 characters, 2 of which can be your friends, each with unique special abilities that will allow them to advance in the different areas that the title contains, fighting and discovering together is the best option for the whole saga. Trine in general has a nice graphic section, where every object and identity on the map gives you a magical environment, a large number of unexpected creatures and strange places that you will have the opportunity to share with your colleagues.

The forest

Survival and creation at its best, The Forest is a title that has been around for a few years from its Early Access release until launching this year, but all with a reason, throughout development it has managed to improve and improve. to increase the amount of options and content that at the beginning had a lot to do, secrets and enemies to discover, with a decor inspired by classic horror films that will make you rethink as you continue to play, says the tale of a father and son on a flight that failed to reach their destination, separating them on a vast island that hides endless secrets where your main objective will be to find your kidnapped son, an experience that becomes even more fun in the company of friends with whom you will have the opportunity to create houses, ships to navigate faster, and of course a large number of enemies that will not even let you rest.

Monster Hunter World

Welcome to a new world! Become a great hunter and kill fierce monsters in a vibrant ecosystem where you can take advantage of your environment and its varied flora and fauna to win. Hunt solo or in co-op with up to three other players, and use materials left behind by fallen enemies to craft new gear to battle even bigger and more powerful beasts!

Your task is to accept monster hunting missions in a wide variety of habitats.

Shoot them down and receive materials you can use to craft more powerful weapons and armor with which to take on even more dangerous monsters.

Monster Hunter: World is the latest installment in the series.

You can enjoy the best gaming experience there, using all the resources at your fingertips to hunt down monsters in a new world brimming with emotions and surprises.

Destiny 2

Giving us a much better campaign than its predecessor, Destiny 2, this time the villain is called Dominus Ghaul of the Red Cabal Legion and our mission is to kill him to reclaim the Light, the Earth and the Traveler. Our adventure begins with a descent into hell in which we lose our powers. This campaign is full of cinematic scenes, moments of tension and dialogues with the various supporting characters. A first-person rpg shooter that gives us the opportunity to explore great scenarios in open world style, where we will have to overcome each of the missions to level up, improve our equipment and defeat the waves of enemies that we find on the way, endless rewards, treasures and side missions in a futuristic fictional world that will provide hours and hours of entertainment for you and your friends.

In this second part of this small series, we try to bring to your screens some cooperative games that are being played to this day and keep an active community, so if you don't have a friend of yours to play at some point It will be difficult to find companions with the same goal within each of these worlds.

As usual we appreciate your every feedback and the support you have always given us, we will constantly try to bring you new videos to grow our community, we hope this list has served you, I'm Frugo! and we will meet again in a next video !.

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