Video games have taught us over the years that you can grow up with your favorite characters, that they can make them laugh and cry, but what is better than enjoying those moments in single player games? Well play them with your dearest friends, that's why we bring you a top with the best co-op games of this 2020, be sure to follow us on our social networks especially on IG where we upload content daily, with nothing more to add, my name is Fenrir and let's go!

Journey to the wild planet

Este juego nos recordará en sus primeras impresiones a Metroid y No mans sky, por su jugabilidad y estética, aunque esta ultima están mucho mas cuidada que en no mans sky, puesto que es solo 1 planeta dedicado a mano, donde los detalles no se harán expect.

Enfréntate a un mundo repleto de vida alienígena, hostil y neutral por igual, enfréntate a distintos boses en los diversos lugares, ve desbloqueando el acceso a otros lugares antes inaccesibles por tus limitaciones como el hecho de no contar con un propulsor que deber that you play.

Journey to the Savage Planet can be played in cooperative mode with 2 people with an average of 10 hours of games at full throttle, with your environment scanner you can discover creatures' weak spots, see if you can eat or use them like hand grenades, this is a very entertaining game for two to play, totally recommended


Satisfactory is a first person construction game with a mix of first person shooter where you will have to build a mining factory from scratch, being a low gamma employee you are sent as a parasite on a planet which has not been explored in order to explode it by completely extracting its natural resources at the expense of the integrity of the ecosystem, partly collecting branches and leaves with the most tamed and ends up having the industrial complex the most heinous and complex in the known universe.

In this game we emphasize the total freedom we have to decide where, when and how we are going to build our mine site, as you explore with the same freedom and face the fauna of the planet who are not happy with your presence. , obviously you are exterminating them. It's very playable !! What are you waiting for to prove it?

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

This is one of those great games, a tenderly animated rpg / tower defense where you will have to face waves of enemies divided between orcs, demons, wild animals, among others. Choose from one of 4 wizard, warrior, monk and archer characters, each with unique abilities and specialized turrets, all essential to be able to succeed in this game with total fun and learning.

A necessary piece of information that we need to give you is that your progress will be saved no matter what platform you play it on, for example, if you play on PC and reach level 4 on the switch, your progress will be saved exactly where you are playing it. left it aside, you can play with split screen without connection for up to 4 people, that's right, if you don't have internet and want to play a great split screen game, this is is the best option,

don't wait any longer and go play it right away!

Minimum displacement

Minimal move is an independent adventure game developed by Tako studio, where we will play the role of 2 space inspectors Ido and Keiten, who will be sent to a mysterious planet due to a signal received from there, which is a total mystery, The RX 181 will function like a Glados in this world and guide and advise us throughout our adventure.

This game will make you think and coordinate as a couple like very few other games have managed to do, the puzzles in it are very entertaining and at the beginning easy to solve, I stress that coordination is vital because while we were playing it that was the hardest part to get. Rotate, slide, jump, combine and separate platforms to reach your goal, find out what gives such an interesting signal.


Developed by Digital Cybercherries, Hypercharge unboxed is a first-person shooter where you will have to face, once again, waves of enemies (which are toys of all kinds) through turrets, bastions, barbed wire among dozens of other possibilities that will help you prevent them from breaking the turrets and killing you, its artistic style is very remarkable, because as you can see its graphics are smooth and its gameplay is quite enveloping and satisfying.

One of the highlights for us were the scenarios where we will develop to fight, which are typical places of a house from the living room to the child's bedroom where toys will abound and clutter will remind you of your slum, Thank goodness no we can smell in this game otherwise the fright would be immediate.

Totally recommended!

Unleashed fury

Awesome games studios puts us in the shoes of Fury, a retired superhore who is not having his best moments ... so I decide to grab a machine gun and split everything that comes his way in two, like in the United States, this is a 2D gun'n run proposal with a high level of difficulty and a system of combos that will leave us freaking out in color in front of our screen, because we will be rewarded by killing enemies in a row, Insanity and constant action is what awaits you if you plan to give this game a taste for up to 2 players.

For those who love indie and retro this game is for you, it has a great mass of fans and updates and / or future releases are not to be ruled out, so pleasant hours of relief and a lot, lots of blood are waiting for you !!

Well, dear community, so far the video of this opus, we must thank you for your constant support to the channel, which motivates us and makes us want to make videos for you with all the love and the heart you deserve. It is for the same reason that at the end of the video we will add the comments of those who send greetings, so don't forget to leave your greeting in the comment box to have the possibility of appearing in the next video. !!! Don't forget to follow us on the links of our different platforms in the description, with nothing more to add, I'm fenrir and these are the best cooperative games that you should try with your friends in 2020 !!

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