Welcome to your favorite video game channel! On this occasion, we bring to your screens a list which, based on criteria we use, has been selected as the best titles that the Epic Games platform has offered to its users to date.

It is true, for those who do not know what we are talking about, it is that since the end of 2020 Epic Games has given a game to all the users of its platform every week, these being an unknown until the moment of give them away. And if you already have them then in this top we will remind you which ones are the best !!

We hope to give you the point for the vast majority and we are attentive to your opinions in the comment box. Without further filler, I'm Fenrir, and these are the best free Epic Games you have to try!

What remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch is an adventure title developed by Giant Sparrow and distributed by Annapurna Interactive for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One released in 2017

Winner of the best game at the BAFTA Game Awards 2018, as well as the best story awards at the awards among others, they made What Remains of Edith Finch the great game that it is to this day, it's a collection of strange stories about a family in Washington State.

As Edith, they explore Finch's colossal house, seeking adventure as she explores her family history and tries to find out why she is the last one alive. Each story you find lets you experience the life of a new family member on the day they die, with stories ranging from the distant past to the present.

The gameplay and tone of the stories are as varied as the finches themselves. The only constants are that each is played from a first person perspective and that each story ends with the death of that family member.

Metro 2033: Redux

Released on August 26, 2014, developed by 4A games and able to play on many platforms comes Metro 2033 redux, inspired by the successful works of author Glukosky, this game brings together metro 2033 and metro last light, the former improves its playability like the possibility of stabbing by the sword and a noticeable improvement in graphics, in addition to optimizing resources so that the most humble computers can also run it without ceasing to be updated to what the times required in 2014, to metro 2033 redux was It also adds the possibility of customizing the weapons, thus improving their statistics and making it a definitive experience for the saga, in addition to the above, new scenarios are added where you can put into practice all the novelties that we mentioned above.

A graphic improvement has been added to metro last light by increasing the fps limit to 50 and by offering different scenarios unheard of for the saga!

Thus, metro redux becomes an excellent option for those who have never played the saga to be able to have a good time while discovering its interesting history!

A great game that epic games have offered for free!

Rayman Legends

An icon in the world of video games and it is that with its first 2 deliveries there in distant years, it had already established itself as a legend, Rayman legends is a simply brilliant 2D platform game, seeking to save his friends in various worlds who have been kidnapped by evil beings who seek to sow darkness everywhere, manages to end the forces of evil in its more than 6 scenarios with 12 levels each, the wonder is that each level is different and you notice the love and affection they put into this masterpiece, since the interactions with the different elements of the map make each experience something unique, the essential difficulty is to rescue all your companions before reaching the end.

You can enjoy this experience with up to 3 colleagues! The maps here become more complex since the interaction will be varied depending on the character you use in order to help your compass to overcome all the scenarios!

Quite a game of excellence that epic games have given us for free! a complete game!

Civilization VI

Civilization VI comes as a continuation of the 1991 saga, a sacred one that has been the favorite real-time turn-based game for over 30 years, any choices you make will have repercussions and its complex combat system will make you think very well. step you will take and the consequences that this act will have in the future of the battle, making these battles a fight of hours without rest, with a big change in its customization, its design and its mechanics of freedom for the user comes the sixth installment of this saga, Civilization VI, becomes an addictive experience even for those who already know the delivery, remarkable graphics and epic music Ed Beach has offered us a great game, with a little more to say, thanks to the epic games for giving us the chance to have this awesome free track title!

Borderlands the beautiful collection

Madness and fun are the hallmarks of the Borderlands saga, since its first installment which echoed and framed in the best games of the genre, EXPLOSIONS AND BORDERLANDS only get better if you mix up what Handsome Collection brings us, because it brings the scenarios of the second and third parts, in addition to the characters, the weapons, in other words it mixes EVERYTHING!

This remaster gives us an optimization up to 60fps doubling its FPS capacity compared to previous installments, the graphics are greatly improved and its comic book nature gives us that taste that we always seek in a delivery as special as Borderlands. In this unique opportunity, you can enjoy both titles if you have never played them before or if you know the saga so that you have the remastered experience ensuring many hours of total enjoyment!

Without more to say, epic games always deliver great games!

Grand Theft Auto V

Developped by Rockstar North and distributed by Rockstar Games released for the Windows, Playstation and Xbox series in 2013, it is perhaps the turn of one of the best known titles, played and sold, which has undoubtedly marked a generation in gaming in the open world and the new consoles of its time, it's true, the legendary Grand Theft auto vo Gta 5 to compete with you

A great game, without more, an excellent adventure in open world where the possibilities of entertainment are very high, it crosses the whole city of Los Santos, either in campaign mode, (which we can say that it is very well done in all its aspects) Online mode (where you can start a lot of contracts and jobs to generate more money and be the most powerful in the service) r, of course with many other players who will be able to help you or intervene, as a curious fact for them. old generation consoles, the gta Online servers will close in December, and last but not least, in Role-playing mode, gameplay that is currently breaking it on platforms; como sea Grand Theft Auto You are a memorable game that our ha acompañado durante años sin fallar, y simply debes probarlo, ya que si eres seguidor de los juegos que regala Epic Games lo más probable es que ya lo tengas en tu biblioteca, así que … What are you waiting for?

Well, dear community, so far the video of this opus, we must thank you for your constant support to the channel, which motivates us and makes us want to make videos for you with all the love and the heart you deserve. !! ! Do not forget to follow us on the links of our different platforms in the description and to comment what you think of the video, we read everything! with nothing else to add, I'm Fenrir and thThese are the best Epic Games you have to try!

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