Welcome back to your favorite video game channel! In this article, we bring you the new version of the best free game version 2021! As always, we try to integrate various genres and platforms to make this release as variable as possible and thus be able to put our finger on the nail to the taste of our viewers !!

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Without further filling I am Fenrir and these are the free games that you must try this 2021


Scavengers is a Battle Royale game that mixes pvp and pve, the NPCs are very chetadisimo and are spread all over the map, in this game your objective is to search for loot while escaping the ice storms that can kill each other, while you travel in this frozen world, you are going to find trash that you can use to activate vehicles and use them, to create armor, accessories and weapons, note that every explorer in this game has their signature weapons like a shooter elite. In the Scavengers, your main objective is to survive until the evacuation of the ship, something that happens very quickly and which in 5 minutes will define whether you are victorious or not. An action packed BR and lots of new features! It is also free and for that and much more we are going to try it out!

Totally precise battlefields

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is a Battle Royale in which you will find a very interesting mix that will surely make you and your friends laugh!

Let's start with the high level of customization of your character, being able to be practically anything, another thing that is high in quantity are the weapons, you can find the most typical submachine guns and shotguns from all BR to launchers missiles over-tested!

Another plus is your backpack, because you can carry a lot of things in it! Like in no other Battle Royale mentioned above, let's continue with the fact that maps which are rich in meaning, with buildings upside down and others half sunk into the ground but which will give battles heterogeneity , making each one unique, added to This, mobility in the game is distinguished by jumps, these being widely used in combat as they offer fluidity and the system of runes and buffs will give you the power you are looking for in your fights.

Now, if it was more or less and you end up dying early on, you will have the option to return to battle in a type of gulag where the enemy is yourself and you will have to go through scenarios while you return to it. , there are 3 levels and if you manage to pass all three you fall into the world with a free random buff, just a great game!

City KO

Knock out city transports us to a world of fighting where your agility and precision will be key, this game consists of throwing balls and hitting the enemy, burns as they say in many places or dodging bullets to use a more international term

Being able to play 3 on 3 and 1 on 1, in Knock Out City you will experience intense moments with your friends while using interactions on the map to give your enemies a dodge ball chair! the map gives us jumps, tunnels and items that cannot be activated by the player such as cars and steel balls that will hurt you if they hit you, the customization of this game is quite good, you offering a wide variety of colors and styles in hair and clothing as well as accessories!

The balls in the game are also variable, being able to find some explosives, others inaccessible, others beamed, etc.

After this brief review, you might be wondering why this game is here? if it is for sale on the platform for around $ 20 ?; Well, it has been officially announced that any player will be able to enjoy the full title, but only up to level 25, which in a way makes it one more free game but with restrictions. I hope that in the future it will be completely freeThis is how this game for its simplicity and originality comes into your library to stay! What are you waiting for to try it?

Legends of Idleon

Legends of Idleon is an Idleon MMORP with a retro essence mixed with a passive-active gaming system that will let you fly. This game is available on many platforms, from cell phones to PCs, and is all about managing resources, you will have a large map that you will explore as you progress, you can customize your character through crafting and whatever you carry in your head and your weapon, yes, the specialties that this game gives you will give you a good advantage while playing,

In short, it's a great IDLEON game like few others, you can manage it from your mobile phone if you want, because of its simplicity and creativity we recommend you to try it!

Super Mecha Champions

Super Mecha Champions is a mecha-type BR aimed at oriental audiences and otakus like me, especially if it's available for cellphones so you can play it while you watch a play,

In this game the customization is regular, having full skins and changing colors for the mecha or some props, we only have a handful of mecha that vary from one to another in damage, abilities and strength. they are at a distance or in melee

At the time of playing you will enter a beautiful hall that you can share with your friends, while you are preparing for the battle you can change the mecha, already in this battle you have to wait at least 3 minutes to be able to summon your mecha unless you pick up an item spread across the map that this timer advances to you, after that your mecha arrives and the epic battles begin! structures conform by further enhancing the experience due to their diversity. A combination of strengths and BRs not to be missed! What are you waiting for to try it?

Rocket League SideSwipe

We don't usually include a lot of mobile games on our lists, but this one is definitely worth it, Rocket League SideSwipe is a new spin off of the Rocket League saga, designed exclusively and from the ground up for mobile devices,

The studio claims to be working hard on this free-to-play mobile game for iOS and Android that takes Rocket League's leading competitive game and reinvents it for your own phone. In Rocket League Sideswipe, players compete against each other from a new perspective on the pitch in 1v1 or 2v2 matches. The games will be quick 2-minute games that you can play with friends near or far through online play. That's right, now the game has a 2D camera perspective, which completely changes the game system, but retains its essence for all types of gamers. Additionally, there are advanced mechanics, such as Rocket League, for those who wish to move up the competitive ranks. It will have robust car customization similar to the original Rocket League and a competitive system that promises a lot, what are you waiting for to try it out?

Magic: Legends

Magic legends is an action RPG game in which you have to build a dynamic deck during battles. One of its best points in favor is that it doesn't have a payout system to win, plus all features can be unlocked as you advance and level up, always taking into account skills that you have at the time of very similar battles to the Diablo style. In Magic: Legends, you take control of your own Planeswalker, but there are few customization options. In the Magic universe, being a planeswalker means that you are an extremely powerful spellcaster who can “roam the planes” at will between realms, use powerful sorcery, and summon creatures to fight alongside you. Come on, it's a free to play title that mixes Diablo mechanics and a TCG, what could be wrong?

Well, dear community, so far the video of this opus, we must thank you for your constant support to the channel, which motivates us and makes us want to make videos for you with all the love and the heart you deserve. !! ! Don't forget to follow us on the links of our different platforms in the description, with nothing more to add, I'm Fenrir and these are the best free games you should try in 2021 !!

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