Welcome back to your favorite video game channel! This time we bring to your screens a list of what by popular pick are the best Hack and Slash title sagas, which literally translates to cut and split, it's a genre that emphasizes fighting. Free and frantic where a As you progress through predominantly linear scenarios, you unlock upgrades for your characters and weapons.

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Well, without further filling in I'm Fenrir, and these are the best hack and slash games you have to try! And don't worry, more parts are coming !.


With Kamiya as the director and with much of the same crew he had during the development of "Devil May Cry", "Bayonetta" was born with the intention of taking the genre where no one had been able to. do it before. Except 'Bayonet 2', the sequel released exclusively on Wii U, no other hack'n'slash has so far managed to overshadow the title featuring this particular witch.I think I am correct in saying that 'Bayonetta's' combat system is dangerously close to perfect. Yes, the number of attacks and combos we can perform may be trueoverwhelming, but anyone who decides to understand and delve deeper will be able to see how rewarding it can be to play a few games.but there is also the possibility of using weapons. And each of them has their own set of combos and special attacks. If we mix it all up, we start to have such a range of options that it's normal to even feel small.We can switch between two weapon combinations even in the middle of a combo, which makes the hit sequences crazy.If Bayonetta manages to dodge a hit just before the moment of impact, the so-called Witch Time is activated. And don't let anyone believe that time slows down, no: both the colors on the screen and the sounds change and everything prompts us to take the opportunity to give a good rhythm to the enemy on duty.

Nier: Replicant and Automata

NieR: This is a frenzied action role-playing video game saga developed by Platinum Games and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation, Windows and Xbox platforms. With 6 games released to date for different platforms such as Android and part of the Drakengard universe.

We play the role of Nier, a sort of overpowered Cyborg, and we accompany him in his attempt to find a cure for a rare disease, known as "Black Scrawl", which Yonah, his daughter, has contracted.

Throughout the story, Nier will be accompanied on the adventure by a talkative and pedantic book titled Grimoire Weiss, the Rude Kainé and the Young Emil, as he tries to find a cure for the Black Scrawl and understand the nature of creatures known as "Shadows". "that haunt the world and attack humans. This work includes elements of various genres of video games, morphing into these in the main action role-playing video game style.

NieR was born as a spin-off of the Drakengard saga, also created by Yoko Taro. And the story continues in his universe from the fifth end of the first opus.

The music was composed by Keiichi Okabe at "Head of Monaca", a music composition studio. NieR was launched with mixed takes; Critics have praised the story, characters and soundtracks, what are you waiting for to play it?

The devil can cry 5

Devil May cry is a recognized action video game series, developed by Capcom, this saga has been a source of unlimited entertainment since its launch in 2013, the first installments were exclusive to ps2, and from the third installment they started to be worn for pc! From there it's up, like a good hack and slash you have very specific movements, scenarios and therefore fights! always keep your attention!

A story, mechanics and scenarios with the unique essence that only a Devil May Cry can give you, marking a generation and popularizing the genre since its first installment, it was probably the first hack and slash you played on the mythical ps2 without you realizing it and even the date continues to satisfy with new deliveries to its players.

The combos you can perform in the air by mixing swords and missiles take us to a new level of hack n slash, and although you have exotic pets that help you fight even the simpler enemies, they won't be able to. on their own against the bosses that you will find yourself throughout the game.

Devil may cry 5 has had a great response from industry and community, what are you waiting for to try it out?


Darksiders is an action, adventure, and hack and slash video game franchise created by Vigil Games and which now, in the latest installments developed by Gunfire Games, launches installments for Windows, Playstation, Xbox, Switch and even Stadia. today

The series takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth, where humanity has passed away and where angels and demons fight for control of the world. Among them are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the last of the Nephilim who have the task of balancing the order, who will be the protagonists throughout the four episodes that we can play today.

The title features a third-person perspective, each offering unique playing styles and equipment. In the first game, the method of war combat involves using a two-handed sword called Chaos-Devorer, although throughout the game the player can equip various other items including a scythe and a revolver. In Darksiders II, Death uses two scythes as his signature weapon, and in Darksiders III, Fury uses a whip and magic to take down his enemies.

Despite this, the general gameplay between games is similar, as players have an open world to explore, they have to solve various puzzles to help them progress. You will be able to find chests containing Souls of the Dead which can be used to purchase various items and upgrades. The game puts a bit of emphasis on boss fights, where players have to learn their weak spot in order to deal big damage. They can also explore the open world using the protagonists' own horses, war is called ruin, death is called despair, and fury is called slaughter.

God of War (Saga)

Those of us who have been playing video games since before 2005 and who have spent days playing in the neighborhood cybers are very familiar with this saga, Kratos and his decline to madness by killing. The half-Greek and Norse mythology is something fabulous, the fights leave no one behind and are a challenge each on their own, the god of war episodes come with new added weapons, mythological beings to face and challenges. 'a renewed story, if you play From The First Installment you'll notice all the love its creators (from Santa Monica Studios) have given it and that's something that doesn't change over installments is an excellent hack n slash and one of my personal favorites, how much tension, what impact, how much adventure and how much blood spilled in one opus, accompanied by an epic soundtrack that for sure, even if you have never played it, you will recognize it, go play or enchant yourself again with this great saga! What are you waiting for?

Castlevania Lords of Darkness

Developed by Mercury Steam and Kojima Studios, the Lord of Shadow saga of Castlevania is a quintessential hack n slash, a cult game, at the height of god of war itself, this video game saga has been making great games for the famous Ness since 1986, but since 2010 that with the shadow lords they dared to make a leap to hack n slash games, this leap has been very well received and hailed by many, if it reminds you of the shadow of the colossus and the god of war is to be expected, Since it is common knowledge that they were influenced by these sagas, but beware, it is not because they are inspired by these episodes that they have lost their originality, quite the contrary.

In Castlevania Lord of Shadow we will have to face a wide range of demonic creatures, going through incredible castles through skill tests and occasional hints that will make you think a bit, this game is not a linear advancement, like god of war, here you can go back in your progress in the game to do quests that you could not do due to your low level, besides finding unique weapons and items that you will use later .

The use of mounts is also new in this saga, since you can go from giant animals to wargens (wolves) of colossal sizes, interacting strongly with the environment with all the additions we have mentioned, Castlevania does never disappointed and being a The Video Game Saga that doesn't have much to do to turn 40 is a feat that is not achieved very often, even switching to other genres has managed to get me. Positioning at the top with its peers, positively rated by critics and users, Castle Vania Shadow Lords awaits you!

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