Trivia Crack - APK, full download.


Trivia Crack is an online Trivia game developed by Etermax, the creator of the incredible Trivia Crack which uses the same mechanics as the famous Trivia game.

The mechanics of the game are very simple. To get more hits than rivals, players must again answer the question and submit the answer via the internet. In addition to the regular games, there are of course individual battles in which you can challenge each friend.

The game has more than 90,000 different questions divided into 6 categories. Also, there are four different types of "energy boost" to help us in the most difficult situations, but of course they cannot show our knowledge so it is hard to overdo it. It's not good.

One of Asked's strengths regarding the contest title is his excellent visual style, cheerful and fun, and the very lively character that makes us smile.

Trivia Crack is a very fun game and there are many games available. You need a lot of questions to see reviews.

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