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Twitch App is the (new) official application of the service of the same name that allows us to deliver our video broadcasts while we play video games, watch other users' broadcasts, interact with them, talk with other players. and of course do all kinds of things through the browser.

In this app we can see other users playing our favorite video games while chatting with other users who are on the same channel as us.

Additionally, this version of the Twitch app offers monetization options for all users who create 'feeds'. This is how we can make money playing a video game, as long as other users are willing to watch us while we play.

The app works perfectly on 3G and WiFi. In addition, you can change the video quality so that data is no longer consumed when streaming over 3G.

The Twitch app is a very useful app for regular users of this online service which they can now always have with them in the most convenient way possible. It is important to note that ESTA is the new Twitch app and the old one (version 3.2.3) is no longer officially supported.

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