What is ClipClaps?💎

How much time do you spend per day watching videos on your favorite social network? Maybe more than you want, however, do you get paid to do it? Probably not, but don't worry.

ClipClaps is an app which can be considered as a social network focused specifically on videos, however, the biggest difference between ClipClaps and other social networks is that anyone can receive money just by watching and watching downloading videos.

Of course, videos can be anything, but you have to think of something that a lot of people like, because in this way you can earn more coins (Clapcoins), which you can convert into cash (dollars).

So if you are a person who enjoys watching curious videos on all kinds of topics then Clipclaps is your perfect app because you can make money doing something you love.

Can you make money watching and sharing Youtube videos with ClipClaps?

Yes, actually, until recently you had to download the videos, but now you can use the YouTube video links. So now it is very common for ClipClaps users to download YouTube videos to earn Clapcoins.

Of course you can do that too and on top of everything you can start earning clapcoins for watching the same videos found on YouTube. The difference is that you can accumulate clapcoins and later exchange them for dollars.


Keep in mind that you must abide by ClipClaps rules and not upload inappropriate content.

ClipClaps is not responsible for problems caused by copyright. Therefore, be careful with the content you share, because if there is any copyright issue, the issue will be resolved by the owner of the content.

ClipClaps It doesn't have a search engine to find the videos you want, but they do make recommendations based on the categories you selected and the people you follow.

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