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This is the official update app for the Android operating system. It allows users to download apps in APK format quickly and securely, receive automatic updates, and even roll back to a previous version.

Uptodown is a fully open international market, so there are no regional restrictions by country. No registration or subscription is required. You don't even need a Google Play account. Uptodown app not only allows you to download and install APK format apps from our servers, it also recognizes XAPK files with additional OBB data. We can also make backup copies of downloaded apps or choose which ones we want to update. All this thanks to a simple and reliable interface.

Uptodown complements its vast catalog with thousands of Android apps and provides additional information on each of these apps, as well as editorial content, screenshots and videos of its own creation. All content is created by a human team to guarantee the neutrality of the service.

The Uptodown app for Android improves its web version in several ways, as it provides unique features that allow any Android smartphone and tablet user to install, manage, and use the largest catalog of alternative apps.

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