Waze - APK, download for Android.


Waze is a mapping and navigation app that has a community of over 100 million users around the world who make selfless contributions every day to help make it better. This way, we can immediately see all the obstacles on the road, mobile speed cameras, traffic jams, etc.

Using Waze is as easy as choosing our destination and waiting a few seconds for the app to calculate the best route for us. The shortest path is shown by default, but the app shows us all the possible alternatives. So if we have personal preferences all we have to do is choose what we want. In the configuration options we can also notice some interesting options, p. For example, do not list routes that contain toll roads.

A very useful feature of the Waze is that it tells us at all times how fast we are traveling. And not only that, it also shows us the maximum road speed to warn us if we exceed the allowed limit. In addition, it shows and warns in real time of possible accidents and also shows exactly which areas are being monitored by speed radar or section radar.

Waze is a great navigation app for Android that makes planning road trips a lot easier. Moreover, we can use the app to provide information quickly and comfortably. Whenever we go out with a co-driver, he can add to any incident we find on the road to alert other drivers.

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